Thursday, July 19, 2012

Personality Scan App


Join millions of users who are getting inspired daily by knowing what’s best about their personality and at the same time having blast with their friends.

This fun, addictive, and free personality fingerprint scan app is the best of two worlds. One mode shows the best of your personality and brightens your day and another mode brings a smile to your face while fooling your friends.

> One of the top 100 apps in Android market
> Running to become top 100 app of 2012 in AppStore

The way you can switch from regular mode to friends mode is very simple, but hidden enough that your friends will never be able to find out. Yes, you will be the secret key holder of the era!

In the regular mode, you can get inspired with affirmative messages about your personality and what people think about you. This app will uplift your spirits and boost your confidence. You will want to check it every morning to feel good.

In the friends/fun mode, give your phone to your friends and watch their faces! You will crack up at their reactions to the messages they see. Even though they think they’ve figured it out, you can still fool them. They will beg you to tell them how it is all happening and we let you decide how to handle them J.

!!!Check out the most impressive and realistic personality fingerprint app on the market. You won't be disappointed!!!

This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true finger scanning functionality.

Some of the user reviews have made us more humble:

"I can't stop laughing looking at my friend’s puzzled face."

"My friend had to literally beg for the secret. Awesome App."

"This app lifts my spirits every time I use it."

"The best part of this app is that I could fool my friends repeatedly."