Friday, October 5, 2012

My App Creation Itch Result - 3 cool Apps


My itch to try app creation got me create these 3 silly but cool apps. I request you to try these apps from your smart phones and give star reviews on app store. Also I really appreciate if you can forward this email to your friends.

1.    Fingerprint Personality Scan App
This fun, addictive, and free personality fingerprint scan app is the best of two worlds. One mode shows the best of your personality and brightens your day and another mode brings a smile to your face while fooling your friends. Best part is you can secretly switch into friends mode to fool your friends.

2.    Best Diet Control App
Do you want to control your diet?  Do you want to avoid food temptations?

If you answered yes to these questions, you are looking at the right app to help you. This app aims to stop you from eating junk food and encourage you to always eat healthy food. Download this app and use this app every time you want to decide whether to eat it or not. You can choose the App mode either to say no all the time and respond randomly. Even this app has the friends mode to make your friends fat.

3.    Human Remote Control App
Have you ever had to put up with an annoying friend or someone who is talking too much and bugging you? This person may be so annoying that they are driving you up the wall! During times like that, you might have wished for a remote control to control the person from talking, or even push him out of your sight. Well, this app is your answer. Other fun part of the app is that you can switch to friends mode secretly and give it your friends to try out. Then try controlling your laugh.